OKYO is a small local restaurant in Japan. In Japan, such small local restaurants are called "OBANZAI"
The menu is very reasonably priced as there are many small dishes served on small plates.
Since it's a small local restaurant, you can enjoy talking with the owner while enjoying delicious food👍

small restaurant name■Japanese notation

■English notation
OKYO-Second store
that place■Japanese notation

■English notation
4-2-21 Jonai-dori, Nada-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
Takara Building 1st floor
The station closest to the restaurant■Japanese notation

■English notation
Hankyu Oji Koen Station
JR Nada Station
after getting off the stationYou can get there in about 5 minutes on foot.
It's right in the middle of the straight line connecting Hankyu Oji Koen Station and JR Nada Station.
open-closeOpen from 3pm to 12am
non-trading dayWe are regularly closed on Thursday.
Number of seats9 counter seats
Approximately the average amount paid per personApproximately $6 to $20
cigarettesYou can smoke at all seats
TidbitsA short walk will take you to "Suidosuji" shopping street. It will arrive in about 10 minutes. However, the area gets quiet around 9pm.
The Japanese notation for Suidosuji shopping street is "水道筋商店街"
How to make a reservationSmall restaurant owners don't check social media or email frequently.
If you want to make a reservation today, just knock on the door, so it's all or nothing lmao
If you would like to make a reservation after tomorrow, please contact us via email or Instagram.
It must be sent in Japanese notation. Please refer to the following.

Example of reservation in Japanese.
It is necessary to contact them using Japanese notation. You copy the Japanese notation below and send it via email or Instagram. At that time, please change the name, number of people, numbers, etc.

■English notation

I would like to make a reservation for your restaurant.
[Name] John
[Reservation desired date] October 13, 2023
[Arrival time] 6pm (11am)
[Number of people] 3 people
[First Language] English
[What do you see? ] I saw the Kobe tourist guide blog.

■Japanese notation


■Introduction of OKYO-Second store

It is open from 3:00 pm and you can also use the cafe. The evening hours are also very reasonable, with meals ranging from $10 to $30.

Inside view
business card design

Unusual for Obanzai, OKYO also has a karaoke facility. You can sing for half dollar per song.