POCHI syokudo has local Japan menus such as onigiri and pork soup, but it is basically a Western-style izakaya. Since it is a small restaurant, it is close to the staff, and it is a wonderful space where you can enjoy talking with the staff! 👏👏

small restaurant name■Japanese notation

■English notation
POCHI syokudo
that place■Japanese notation

■English notation
1-20-7 Kitanagasadori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture Kitanagasa Suzuki Building 2F
The station closest to the restaurant■Japanese notation
阪急 神戸三宮駅
阪神 神戸三宮駅

■English notation
JR Sannomiya Station
Hankyu Kobe Sannomiya Station
Hanshin Kobe Sannomiya Station
after getting off the stationA few minutes walk north from Sannomiya Station. This is an area that locals call Rengasuji.
open-closeFrom 6pm to 2am
open until very late
non-trading dayTuesday
Number of seatsThere are 8 counter seats and table seats for up to 15 people.
Approximately the average amount paid per personAverage budget per person is $23.25
cigarettesSmoking is allowed in all seats
TidbitsPOCHI syokudo is located in the Sannomiya area, Kobe's largest downtown area.
There are many shops in this area.
予約方法Small restaurant owners don't check social media or email frequently.
If you want to make a reservation today, just knock on the door, so it's all or nothing lmao
If you would like to make a reservation after tomorrow, please contact us via Instagram.
It must be sent in Japanese notation. Please refer to the following.

Example of reservation in Japanese.
It is necessary to contact them using Japanese notation. You copy the Japanese notation below and send it via email or Instagram. At that time, please change the name, number of people, numbers, etc.

■English notation

I would like to make a reservation for your restaurant.
[Name] John
[Reservation desired date] October 13, 2023
[Arrival time] 6pm (11am)
[Number of people] 3 people
[First Language] English
[What do you see? ] I saw the Kobe tourist guide blog.

■Japanese notation


In reference
Today's date in Japan time is 2024年7月18日
Regarding how to read dates in Japanese, for example, "2023年11月24日" means 11/24/2023 when changed to English-speaking world.

Pochi Shokudo is a very delicious Western-style izakaya👍

  • Jumbo steak (size negotiable)
  • Homemade BBQ sauce spare ribs 12$
  • Awaji Chicken Spicy Grill 12$ (small size 8$)
  • Aomori garlic peperoncino 8$

The above is an example. There are so many menus. There are also rice balls and pork soup, which are local foods in Japan. I recommend POCHI PAN! It is very tasty. It is a small bread that is plump.

POCHI syokudo loved by Sannomiya. It is run by SHINYA & JYUNKO, who loves mountain climbing.
There is also a wide range of drinks such as Japan-style cocktails and wines made with seasonal fruits.
POCHI syokudo is a wonderful space where everyone can smile!